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Why It Makes Sense to Sell to a Cash Buyer

Are you looking to sell a house in Detroit and wondering if it’s possible to sell it for cash? The good news is that there are companies out there that specialize in buying houses in Detroit (and other cities) for cash. These companies, often called “we buy houses” companies, can provide a quick and convenient … Continued

An Asset and a Haven: Home-Buying Advice for Retirees

Purchasing a vacation home can be a profitable and enjoyable investment if you’re a retiree weighing your financial options. If you buy in a warm-weather climate, you and your spouse may choose to live there much of the year. A second home can also be a perfect gathering place for friends and family. Or you … Continued

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fixer-Upper Home

  Prospective buyers are usually faced with one of two choices when buying a home: a fixer-upper or a newly renovated home. Both options have their pros and cons, and it’s important to consider aspects like budget, time and interior design before deciding which is the better option. Fixer-upper homes often involve purchasing a home … Continued

Five Steps to Ensure Downsizing Works For You

Sometimes, downsizing is the best option we have in life. Whether it’s to spend less time maintaining a large home, minimizing costs, or improving retirement, downsizing can be just what we need to thrive. Yet, we must be careful to avoid common mistakes associated with doing so. Here are some things to keep in mind … Continued

Work With A LEGITIMATE Homebuying Company in Metro Detroit

Are you searching for a company to buy your home? Are you concerned with finding a Legitimate Homebuying Company in Metro Detroit? It’s a common concern. I’ve put together this post to address the questions I get asked most often about how to weed out the folks you probably don’t want to work with. I hope … Continued

Be the Boss of Your Money: Financial Literacy for Seniors

A 2016 article in Fortune stated that nearly two-thirds of all Americans could not pass a basic financial literacy test, which covered interest calculations, bond prices, debt, and other financial concepts. However, you would think that after a lifetime of making money, senior citizens would be an exception to that. Unfortunately, many of them still … Continued

Finding the Perfect Vacation Home

Finding The Perfect Vacation Home After Retirement: Where To Start Photo via Pixabay by FrankWinkler Vacation homes are a wonderful way to spend time with your family and get away from the stress of everyday life, but they can be expensive and a lot of work to keep up with. It’s also difficult for many … Continued

388. Home sales drop nearly 6% in September. Is the boom over?

From: Steven Pepple, Detroit Free Press Published 6:00 a.m. ET Oct. 18, 2018 | Updated 1:14 p.m. ET Oct. 18, 2018 The extended boom in residential real estate sales in metro Detroit may be peaking if newly released September sales numbers are any indication, though experts say it remains a seller’s market. The number of houses sold in … Continued
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