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How Do I Sell My Metro Detroit House Fast?

Sell your home in just 3 simple steps

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we buy houses detroitWe’ll Make You An Offer

We’ll meet you at the home and give you cash offer.

we buy houses detroitAttend the Closing and Get a Check

Once the Title work is complete we’ll schedule the closing at your convenience.

Questions? Give me a call directly at (313) 246-4551

That’s Our Basic Three-Step Process

Want to know the details? Read on!

Selling a home is a big decision, and a lot of folks I’ve worked with have never sold a home without an agent. If you’re like many of them, you have questions.

So it’s important to me that you understand the entire process end-to-end, and quite honestly you deserve to understand how how it works. Transparency is important to me

The Fine Print

Hint – there is none!

Step 1: Tell Me About Your Home

We Buy Houses Detroit

In order to make an offer on your home, I need to gather some basic information about it from you. It’s your choice how we do that – whether you complete the form above or call me directly at (313) 246-4551.

I collect some basic information so my team can do some homework before we visit.

We look at comparable sales in your neighborhood, get a feel for any repairs or updates that might be needed, and with that we can get an idea as to what we can pay. It’s just a preliminary analysis that we bring when we visit.

I also want to give you my absolute assurance that we will keep the information you provide in the strictest confidence. We don’t share it with anyone. Period.

So it’s best for both of us if you can provide us with as much detail as possible.

Step 2: We Visit and Make an Offer

we buy houses detroit

We are local. This means we are the ones that will come to the property, meet you and figure out your timeline, and try to meet all your expectations.

we buy houses detroitWe Schedule A very Quick informal visit. We work around your schedule and we’re happy to meet you after work or on a weekend, whichever is more convenient for you.

we buy houses detroitWe will answer any questions you may have, in person.  There’s no need to prepare for our visit. We buy as-is, and we look past all of that and focus on the condition of the home rather than what’s inside.

we buy houses detroitOffer In Minutes! After the walk through, in most cases we’ll take a few minutes to walk you through our offer.

Let’s Talk About the Offer.

Let me say right up front that we don’t make lowball offers. Period. We don’t play games, and we don’t try to figure out the lowest price you’ll take before talking price with you.

Our offers are based on a simple process:

  1. We look at what homes in your neighborhood sell for after they are fully renovated
  2. We use that information to determine what your house would sell for after a complete renovation
  3. We determine what the cost would be to do a complete renovation
  4. We determine the holding costs we will have to pay during a renovation such as property taxes, insurance, and utilities
  5. We determine our desired profit on the final resale after the renovation

The offer we make will be the final resale price minus renovation costs, holding costs, and our profit.

Step 3: Attend the Closing and Pick Up Your Check

After you accept our offer we send the purchase agreement to the Title company to start the title work.

We Buy Houses DetroitIn general that process takes a couple of weeks, but it can sometimes take longer if there are liens or other issues, but that doesn’t happen very often.

We keep you in the loop throughout the process, and we’ll let you know if the title company has questions or if they run into issues that need your attention.

When the title work is complete they’ll give us the clear to close. We’ll then contact you to schedule a day and time that’s convenient for you to meet at our office and complete the closing so you can get your check.

Some Final Thoughts…

We Have the Experience

We have been in the home buying business a really long time. There are only a handful of people in the area who have been at it this long. So we really do know the business. We know the area. And we know the people who live here.

We Can’t Buy Every House

We know that we can’t buy every single house that we look at.

I know that might sound strange to you, but even though I’d love to buy every single one, it’s just not practical to think that’s possible. So if we can’t buy your house, we’ll tell you up front.

We also never do a hard sell. That means if you don’t accept our offer, for whatever reason, we’ll simply shake hands and part as friends. And we’ll be available to help with questions on selling your home no matter what decision you make.

We Buy Pretty Much Anywhere in Metro Detroit

We buy all over the place in Metro Detroit. All of the tri-county area as well as parts of Washtenaw and Genessee counties. I say we buy pretty much anywhere because the fact is, there are some areas of Detroit and the suburbs that we don’t buy in, mostly due to the neighborhood situation.

We Buy As-Is

We’ve bought hoarder houses and homes where people have died inside. As-is truly means as-is. If you work with my team you won’t have to do any repairs, cleaning up, or cleaning out. And it we don’t penalize you in terms of a lower price if you decide to leave stuff behind in the house when you move.

We Are Well Funded

We buy homes in all price ranges – from million dollar plus properties in Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills to small houses under $15,000 in the city of Detroit. We operate from the perspective that there’s a “right price” for every house we look at, no matter what the price range or area. And we have the ability to buy anywhere.

We Pay Cash

This sounds pretty basic but I wanted to make it clear that we’re cash buyers.

But – we also work with sellers who may not want all their cash up front, or who need a different solution.

We’ve worked with sellers who have preferred an installment sale to minimize their tax liability, sellers who asked us to take over their payments so they could simply walk away from their home, and other sellers facing foreclosure who were upside down on their mortgages who wanted to put some cash in their pocket as they fought the foreclosure.

That’s why we ask questions about your situation. While the vast majority of the folks we work with prefer an all cash sale, some don’t. And so we work hard to first listen to your situation, and then come up with the best solution for you.

The Bottom Line is that Selling Your House Can Be A Quick And Simple Process

And it can be fast as well. We recently helped a homeowner who was going to lose their house for property taxes and get nothing for it. The deadline was on a Friday – and they called us the prior Monday.

We were able to complete the transaction before the close of business on Friday and the homeowner walked away with a check for their equity.

We buy houses in Detroit and all over the suburbs. And so I would sincerely appreciate it if you’d give my team the opportunity to make an offer on your home.

We don’t make lowball offers. We don’t have a sales pitch. And we don’t do a hard sell.

All we do is make fast, FAIR, “as-is” offers. And we can close on your time frame.

Still have questions? Call me at (313) 246-4551. That’s my direct number. Or submit the form and let’s get started!

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