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An Asset and a Haven: Home-Buying Advice for Retirees

Purchasing a vacation home can be a profitable and enjoyable investment if you’re a retiree weighing your financial options. If you buy in a warm-weather climate, you and your spouse may choose to live there much of the year. A second home can also be a perfect gathering place for friends and family. Or you … Continued

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fixer-Upper Home

  Prospective buyers are usually faced with one of two choices when buying a home: a fixer-upper or a newly renovated home. Both options have their pros and cons, and it’s important to consider aspects like budget, time and interior design before deciding which is the better option. Fixer-upper homes often involve purchasing a home … Continued

Be the Boss of Your Money: Financial Literacy for Seniors

A 2016 article in Fortune stated that nearly two-thirds of all Americans could not pass a basic financial literacy test, which covered interest calculations, bond prices, debt, and other financial concepts. However, you would think that after a lifetime of making money, senior citizens would be an exception to that. Unfortunately, many of them still … Continued

Finding the Perfect Vacation Home

Finding The Perfect Vacation Home After Retirement: Where To Start Photo via Pixabay by FrankWinkler Vacation homes are a wonderful way to spend time with your family and get away from the stress of everyday life, but they can be expensive and a lot of work to keep up with. It’s also difficult for many … Continued
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