Need to Sell a House in Detroit Fast Due to Relocation?

Metro Detroit Homebuyer is a “We Buy Houses In Detroit“ company that buys houses for cash. We’re LOCAL Detroit home buyers who make fast, FAIR cash offers, usually within 24 hours of contacting us.

So if you’re thinking “I need to sell my house in Detroit” because you’re relocating, then give us a call or fill out the form below, because we buy houses for cash in Detroit and the suburbs.

We buy totally “as-is” so you don’t have to make any repairs or do any clean up or clean out.

And the best part is that we’re BUYERS, not agents. So there are no inspections, fees, or commissions. It’s a truly no hassle way to sell your home.

Sell a House in Detroit Fast Due to RelocationDo You Need to Sell a House Fast Because You’re Relocating?

It can be exciting to relocate, can’t it? I’ve had to relocate a couple of times myself.

It’s exciting – and it’s also a crapload of work.

There are a million things that MUST be done, usually in a very short timeframe.

You need to pack up your house. You need to make arrangements for a place to live in your new location and have the utilities turned on. You need to find out how to register the kids to school, find doctors, etc etc etc.

The list is endless.

And the most time consuming and stressful thing?

Selling your current house. While you’re packing and doing all the rest of the stuff that needs to get done.

Especially if you need to proceeds from the sale to put down on a new place in your new location.

Does that describe your situation? Are you looking for a hassle free way to get cashed out of your current house fast? Without dealing with agents, endless showings, negotiations, and the endless wait to close and get a check?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

There IS a Way Out – If You Need to Sell a House in Detroit Fast Due to Relocation!

Sell a House That Needs Repairs in Detroit

Not only is there a way out – but there could be a pot of gold waiting for you at the end of your rainbow.

Why? Because we’re actively looking to buy from folks who need to sell due to a relocation.

No matter what condition they’re in.

Seriously – we’re looking for houses NOW – and we’re willing to pay top dollar to get them.

So the good news is that you CAN sell a house fast if you’re relocating, no matter what kind of shape it’s in. You can be done with it in a couple of weeks from now and never look back.

How does that sound?

Avoid Foreclosure in DetroitHi – we’re Marily and Dennis Fassett at Metro Detroit Homebuyer.

Since 2004 we’ve been helping homeowners just like you get out from under their problem homes.

How? We buy houses in Detroit and the suburbs for cash, and we can close lightening fast if you’re facing a hard deadline. No joke. We’ve closed in as fast as FOUR days.

We’ve helped hundreds of people over that time, including our own family members, so we know what you’re facing.

So if you’re looking to sell a house fast due to a relocation – in Detroit or the suburbs – give us a call at (313) 246-4551 or fill out the form below to get the process started.

How to Sell an Inherited House in Detroit with Metro Detroit Homebuyer…

avoid foreclosure in detroit

  • You’ll pay NO fees and NO commissions when we buy your house. We pay ALL closing costs associated with the transaction out of our pocket.
  • We’ll buy your house in any condition, ugly or pretty. We can buy in any condition, regardless of what you OWE or if you’re in foreclosure…We can truly HELP you out of this situation!
  • We can get CASH in your hands within a few days of you contacting us.  We can close super fast (usually within 7 days… sometimes sooner).

And the beauty is that you completely control how fast or slow the process is. There is never any pressure, zero hassle, and no obligation to work with us ever. You get our offer if you like it… just let us know when you’d like to close. If it’s not a fit, no problem at all. If you’ve been looking around asking “Who can I sell my house to for cash?”… you’re at the right place. No lowball offers. No sales pitch.

It’s That Simple.
Get Your ALL Cash Offer By Tomorrow.
Close On The Sale In As Little As 7 Days.

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