376. Understanding A Title Company’s Role In Keego Harbor MI Real Estate

Everyone knows that the title company will be involved in your real estate transaction, but do you know exactly what they do? Many people aren’t sure exactly what the title company does. In our latest post, we, the Keego Harbor MI home buyers will help you with understanding the title company’s role in real estate transactions.

When buying or selling your house, you might not put much thought into the title company you use or what they do. However, this little-discussed part of the process is probably one of the most critical parts of a sale! Below are just a few of the things title companies do to help facilitate a real estate transaction!

Understanding A Title Company’s Role In Keego Harbor MI Real Estate

Keego Harbor Title Search

In order to ensure the title to a property is valid, a title company will do a complete and thorough title search. This will give you the peace of mind that nobody else can claim ownership to the property. This includes a highly detailed inspection of all property records. They will look for property liens, outstanding mortgages, unpaid taxes, judgments or any other restrictions on the property. If the title search comes back with issues, the lender will not issue a mortgage for the home.

Michigan Insurance

If the title is valid, the title company will issue an insurance policy that protects lenders and owners from claims and legal fees. Insurance policies are provided to both the property owner and the lender. These policies will protect them in the event someone comes forward with a rightful claim to the property. While it is fairly uncommon that an issue arises after the search, if something does, your insurance will be there to protect you, repaying you and the lender for the home.

The Escrow Office & Closing Agent in MI

The title company will also manage your escrow account and handle the closing. They ensure that all funds are accounted for and distributed in line with the closing statement. They will act as a mediator between the buyer and seller to ensure everything goes smoothly. Your title company will work with the lender to facilitate all of the loan documents for the closing. You will likely need to meet at their office to sign the closing documents. That said, many documents are now being able to be processed online. Talk to your title company about remote closings to determine if this is an option you would like to pursue.

Recording The Deed In Keego Harbor MI

Once the closing has taken place and the funds are dispersed, it is then time to record the deed with the county. The title company will make sure all documents are properly executed, filed and recorded with the county office. It is extremely important that these documents are filed correctly and in a timely manner.

How To Choose A Title Company In Michigan

The best way to find a good title company is often word of mouth. If you are using an agent, ask them which title company they recommend. You can also ask friends and family that may have purchased a house recently. Ask the agency for references and take note of how long they have been in business. While new companies can provide excellent service, you can bet that the title company that has been around a while really knows what they are doing!

Keego Harbor MI Home Buyers

At We Buy Houses in Detroit, we work with some of the most reputable and experienced title companies in town! We are happy to provide you with a reference or recommendation when you are buying or selling real estate in the Keego Harbor MI area.

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