427. Make Sure You Cover These Items In Your Lathrup Village MI Rental’s Lease Agreement

As an investment property owner and  Lathrup Village MI Home Buyers, there are many things you need to be sure to include in your renter’s lease agreement. By having an iron-clad lease, you will be able to avoid costly consequences down the road. In our latest post, we discuss several things you need to be sure to include in the lease agreement of your Lathrup Village MI property. 

While most agreements are boilerplate, there are a number of things landlords will forget to include in the lease agreement that can come back to bite them later down the road. It is ok for your lease to be lengthy. Being detailed will save you from any questions or discrepancies that may arise with your tenants. A detailed lease will protect both parties in the long run.

Key Things To Include In Lathrup Village MI Property Lease Agreement

The Fundamentals Of A Lease Agreement In Your Lathrup Village Property

Every lease agreement should include the obvious fundamentals such as the full names of all tenants occupying the property. The property’s address, lease terms, amount of rent, due dates, and penalties and fees for things such as breaking the lease or late payment of rent. You should also include the payment procedure and methods of payment you will accept as to avoid any confusion about getting your money.

Occupancy Limits In Your Michigan Rental Property

You should boldly state exactly how many people are allowed to live in the house. Every resident needs to be on the lease. You don’t want to find out there are 10 people in your two-bedroom house. You can even make notes about limiting overnight guests. If someone is spending every night there, their name needs to go on the lease.

Deposits And Other Fees For Your MI Rental Property

As mentioned above, and fees or penalties should be clearly explained in your lease. Will fees for late-payments be assessed by the day or a flat fee? Will you offer a grace period? How will you handle illegal activity or other lease violations? You will need to clearly explain the required security deposit and the reasons for deductions upon moving out for cleaning and repairs.

The Handling Of Repairs And Maintenance In Your Michigan Property

Define your process for reporting and handling maintenance issues. Outline the timeframe a tenant can typically expect for repairs to be made. If the tenant is responsible for damage, explain how they will be accessed. If they choose to repair on their own, you will want to explain your process and rules for this as well.

Entry Rules For Your Lathrup Village MI Rental Property

Explain the reasons why you would need to enter the property and how much notice will be given. The tenant will need to allow access for regular inspections, repairs and of course in the case of emergency.

Additional Items To Consider In Your Lathrup Village MI Property

Depending on your property, there are all sorts of additional provisions you can include.

Rules For Subletting In Michigan

If your tenant needs to suddenly move in the middle of their lease term, will you allow them to sub-let? If so, how will this process be managed?

Alteration Specifics In Your MI Property

Many tenants will like to paint, add shelving, and create other modifications to make the property feel like home. Outline what is acceptable and not acceptable. For example, list acceptable paint colors, rules for putting holes in the walls, what is allowed to be changed in the yard.

Pet Clauses In Your Lathrup Village Property

While many people out there have pets, it can be difficult as a landlord to know if you should allow them or not. Not all cats and dogs are alike, and neither are their owners. Some might scratch up the walls, and some owners have different levels of acceptable cleanliness. If you do allow pets, specify what kind, the weight limits, and if there is any additional deposit required.

You could also include rules for things like parking, noise, and shared amenities.

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Several things you need to be sure to include in the lease agreement of your Lathrup Village MI property are the fundamentals such as the names of all tenants occupying the property, the limit of how many people are allowed to live in the house, deposit and other fees, the handling of repairs, and entry rules.

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